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Copyright 1996,1997,1998,1999 Mark J. Hall

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Trigger's Again

I'm walkin' my way round,
The dessert floor of sound.
Lookin' for the trees,
To blume again.
With out any spirits locked.
As I can see one revolution,
Of the block, I'm touring.
Never to realize it's passing.
As I trip over the words, I'm thinking.
In motions,
Left to right.
More and more, in weakness.
Crippled in my way of listening.
As it is more pain than the trouble.
With the lesson no one deserves, but everyone keeps.
With happy triggers,
Meltin' the day away.
As you can see the dessert floor of sound.

Copyright 1999 Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

Clouds To make me Happy

I am here,
Sitting on the wooden bench,
By the side of my house.
Staring into the dark and black sky.
All that I can recall is that only through tragedy can you be purified.
Opening the soul to a new resonance.
Only to hear the old pitch of covering disease to the open mind.
Like a book of days folding on one another.
Melting away with the poison.
Changin' the vector's distance.
As a flood of emotion comes down my arms.
From a spinning triangle.
Out of control.
Listening for a melody.
In my mood,
I can't see the clouds that make me happy.
In the clear dark and foreboding sky.
Wishing the dream away.
Keep me from dreamin'.
Of my brother,
In so much pain.
Dying too soon,
In and out of my arms with in a hour.
Bring me the clouds that makes me happy.
To shadow the boulder that marks his grave,
In the forest.
Just give me,
Give me,
Give me the clouds that make me happy.
To keep me going on this lifes journey.
And take me where all the veins meet.
Now just let me see the clouds that makes me happy.

Copyright 1997
Mark J. Hall
All Rights Reserved

I Love Rock And Roll - Joan Jett

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